How it works

Oi WiFi is an Oi wireless internet access service. Through Oi WiFi you have mobility,easy access, high speed and secure navigation. Learn more how it works below.

Who can access?

Oi clients can get this benefit in many Oi plans. Currently, the Oi WiFi is offered in the following plans:

Oi Velox, Oi Internet Móvel (Pós Plans and Pré over 100MB), Oi Internet Celular, Oi Internet Total, Oi Galera, Oi Fixo + Pós + Internet Móvel, Oi Pré-Pago (Has access in Oi WiFi networks any day you send SMS or use data network), Oi conta Total, Oi Mais Conectado, Oi Smartphone, Oi Dados 3G, Oi Empresa Especial, Oi Internet Móvel, Oi Internet Pra Celular, Oi Velox 3G, Oi Velox Plug, Oi Velox Pro Celular Profissional, Oi Empresa, Oi Empresa Profissional, Oi Profissional, Oi Profissional Equipe Flat, Ip Connect - over 2MB.

Other Clients

If you are not Oi client, or your plan is not eligible, you can by credits by credit card to access.

The list of providers/carries give access to Oi WiFi network to your clients, they are: Algar, CorreioWeb, Fibertel, Fon,, Gowex, IPass, Kinghost, Movistar - Chile, Net Fortaleza, Personal, Telecorp, UAI, UOL, VEX Hotel, WiFi PT.

Sign up and use also the Oi WiFi network.

Where find out?

Thousands of access points all over Brazil

Find out access points in airports, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, cafés, and others.

The Oi WiFi is also available outdoor in major cities, like the beachfront and the downtown of Rio de Janeiro; The Pelourinho and the Farol da Barra, in Salvador; The Boa Viagem beach, in Recife; The Macuripe braches and the Iracema, in Fortaleza; The Mercado Municipal in Porto Alegre; and the Estação beach and 7 de Setembro, in Belo Horizonte.